ClearTH - Innovative Approach to Testing of Clearing, Settlement and Back-Office Systems

ClearTH is a unique Exactpro tool able to simultaneously execute multiple end-to-end test scenarios in batches. ClearTH easily detects abnormal behavior in the system under test and predicts future issues in that system. It offers many built-in-actions to cover the majority of activities in post-trade systems.

About ClearTH

ClearTH - is a web-based application for testing post-trade systems.


  • Verifies each stage of the DLC
  • Has an integrated schedule
  • Automatically runs test scripts
  • Creates multiple-day test scenarios
  • Performs concurrent multiple tests
  • Integrated simulators
  • Supports SWIFT ISO protocol

Global schedule

ClearTH has a build-in schedule support to reflect the schedule of post-trade systems under test in order to verify all their processes. ClearTH allows multiple users to test the system concurrently, which makes the testing more effective.

Post-trade systems use industry-standard solutions to implement their functions, for example the SWIFT standard for message definition or message queue as the transport layer for message exchange. ClearTH supports many Industry-standard (FIX and dialects, FAST, SWIFT, ITCH, HTTP, SOAP, FTP, etc.) and proprietary protocols. New bespoke plug-ins for additional protocols can be developed by request.

Test scripts

ClearTH scripts are based on a simple CSV format.

The scripts contain Actions to be executed in the system under test, separately, or in batches. The Actions are grouped into Global Steps which reflect the schedule of a business day or even many business days. Most ClearTH scenarios span days and involve a large number of steps.

ClearTH can send messages and verify the responses, analyze the database the system works with, check logs and reports that the system records.


ClearTH tests the system, producing a thorough report about the testing process. If anything unexpected happens, ClearTH will inform you. If some actions in a script have been used in a strange order or if some mandatory parameters are missing, you will receive an alert.


Characteristics of ClearTH

Testing Type
Active Batch
Target SUT
Post-Trade Platforms and Middle Office
SUT Interface
Back-end (typically connected to message gateways / APIs, and DBs); GUI Testing Capabilities supported via plug-ins to other tools (e.g. Selenium)
SUT Interaction Method
Schedule-driven batch processing (often spanning several business days). Internal scheduler aligned with the SUT scheduler. DB queries for data verification
Extant plug-ins for Industry-standard (FIX and dialects, FAST, SWIFT, ITCH, HTTP, SOAP, FTP, etc.) and proprietary protocols. New bespoke plug-ins for additional protocols developed by request
Test Scripts
Human-readable CSV files; scripts generated manually by test analysts or automatically by test script generator using transactional and reference databases
Test Management, Execution and Reporting
Integrated (Web front-end), allows for multiple simultaneous heterogeneous connections, concurrent execution of multiple planned scripts linked to particular global steps, test results summary and detailed test reports. Based on Big Button framework principles
Platform requirements
Low footprint cross-platform application, MySQL or other RDBMS

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Alyona Lamash FRM Head of Risk Management Practice, Exactpro Systems
Mark Ryland Financial Markets Technology Consultant, Independent Consulting, United Kingdom

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